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Method of Collecting Evidences in Civil Litigation Cases
Presenter : Mr. Yusfarizal Yussoff
Posted in : Civil Procedure
CPD Activity (1.0 credit)
About the Course
A successful litigation outcome would be predominantly determined by evidences tendered in Court to prove a cause of action, whether in the form of contemporaneous documents or credible oral testimonies. The importance of having all evidences before a trial commences cannot be overstated. There are few methods of collecting evidences provided under the Rules of Court 2012, among others: discovery of documents, interrogatories, Anton Piller orders as well as pre-trial deposition of a witness.

This session will shed some light to attendees on what is the best method to be employed in each individual cases, and what are the underlying principles behind each method.
Upon viewing at least 75% of the video and successfully completing the quiz in this course, you will be given 1 CPD point.

About the Presenter

Mr. Yusfarizal Yussoff
Managing partner of Yusfarizal, Aziz & Zaid.