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Finding My Purpose and Defining My Success - A Practitioner's Perspective
Presenter : Ms. Sitpah Selvaratnam
Posted in : General
CPD Activity (1.0 credit)
About the Course
The practice of the law is challenging; not just in the mastery of the law and advocacy, the management of clients and law firms, but also in the assimilation of the practice of the law with life. Ultimately, a legal career is not separate from life; it is an integral aspect of the sense of fulfilment and wellbeing of every legal practitioner.
As the size of the professional membership grows, and the demands to be seen and heard in a particular way appear more daunting, it may be time for some essential markers to be personally placed upon introspection and self inquiry. Finding purpose in what we do gives meaning and satisfaction.
Remaining true to ourselves as professional individuals, and not being limited by the lack of perceived acceptance or validation from others, is very important.
Let’s take an hour to re-examine our purpose and define our success to truly appreciate where we are and where we want to be.
In order to complete this module successfully, ensure that you watch at least 75% of the video in a single session and achieve a minimum score of 100% on the quiz. Upon successful completion of the module, you will receive 1 CPD point.
It's important to remember that you can pause the video and resume it later if needed. However, if you close the browser before reaching the passing point in the video, you'll be required to restart the video from the beginning.

About the Presenter

Ms. Sitpah Selvaratnam
Sitpah Selvaratnam qualified in 1988 with a First Class Honours degree in law from the University of Wales, Cardiff, and in 1991 with a LLM degree from the University of Cambridge. She was conferred a Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in 2008, upon completion of study at Keble College, Oxford.
Practising law in Malaysia since 1991, she focused on corporate insolvency, and commercial and shipping litigation and disputes. She represents diverse Malaysian and foreign corporations and commercial interests in the High Court and the Appellate Courts of Malaysia.
Beyond the sphere of maritime law, Sitpah has also worked with consortiums of bankers and financiers in banking and corporate insolvency litigation.
She is regularly appointed as an arbitrator in international, regional, and domestic references on commercial, international trade, commodities and shipping disputes, including a dispute over the sale of assets of an insurance company, claims for damages for unjust enrichment on a price variation, for demurrage, for non delivery and non acceptance of cargo, for breach of a ship repair contract, on disputes over hire of vessel for offshore support services, and for port pilotage services, and more.